Positive People Engagement – Why it Matters


You run a business.

You manage a team, or multiple teams for that matter.

With dedication and focus and attention on all those processes that keep the engine rolling.


How does this work exactly? All those people you work with, are they working because they have to, to get the next paycheck? Are they working towards your goals with the same intensity and passion that you give to your business? Why? Or Why not?


When your people are not engaged they lack motivation and trust. That means in the long run your business suffers the most. For the most part, those not satisfied with the quality of people engagement at work can easily move on to their next opportunity. Instead, it is you and your business that ends up taking the hit.


According to a recent article on TIME, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a whopping 4.3 million number of quits in August! The reason it seems are burnout, low wages and lack of growth opportunities to name a few. According to Mercer’s global pandemic survey on labour market challenges employers in Canada are also experiencing higher levels of attrition – more than 50% in the mid-career and senior executives segment.


So, in this age of the “new normal” where remote work remains necessary, empathy for your people is more relevant than ever before. Which is probably why terms like employee experience, e-learning, up-skilling and re-skilling are all the rage now. 


Engaged employees WANT to do better for your company, they share your goals.

Engaged employees means more satisfied employees. Employees who are willing to go that extra mile that makes all the difference. This is especially important in a small or mid-size business.

Even if you have a team you “see” virtually (or in person) on a daily basis there is still the need for people engagement. There is need for a systematic approach to gauging your people satisfaction in their roles. Because all those little things add up and satisfaction in their roles affects day to day business and success.


A popular Gallup poll and article shows that employees provided with continuous constructive feedback tend to perform better – “24% to 59% less turnover, 10% higher customer ratings, 21% greater profitability, 17% higher productivity, 28% less shrinkage, 70% fewer safety incidents and 41% less absenteeism.”


So, how do you engage your employees? Online chat or communication channels are good. However there is more to engaging your employees than simply providing them an online space to chat.

In the end, keeping an eye on your employee pulse, surveying your people’s satisfaction levels become the lens through which you can gauge your business. It becomes a performance review of sorts for your organization.


And that helps you dig deeper into your processes to bring forth a culture in which you encourage your people to thrive. And in turn, help your business prosper.

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