Unlock Performance with Continuous Feedback

Feedback – regular, constructive, relevant and timely feedback – is crucial for personal and professional development. While quarterly or yearly performance reviews are part of the work culture at large, those organizations that understand the importance of continuous feedback are ahead of the game today.

According to a study by TRINET back in 2015, “nine out of 10 would feel more confident in their current position if they could have more frequent performance conversations with their manager. ”

And more recently, a Gallup poll found that “when managers provide weekly (vs. annual) feedback, team members are 5.2 times more likely to strongly agree that they receive meaningful feedback”

Reviews that are informal, timely and logical boosts productivity to a whole new level.

Here is a small example. In my early days at work, for the first time, I had a very important presentation to make to a panel of executive managers. When I got off the video call, my manager reached out and asked if I had a minute to go over the call. Of course, I jumped on it. “Yes!” I said. And she proceeded to outline what went well and worked, and what could be improved. Overall she provided some really good feedback. It took all of 5 minutes.

This is an example of an INSPIRING leader.

Now, it is generally not that hard to take 5 minutes to provide a short review of an activity. But research, like as this one at Hubspot, indicates it does not happen too often. And this cascades to all sorts of dissatisfaction down the road.

Such continuous feedback, informal and simple, is a leadership trait that needs to be cultivated. Thus arises the need for the right tools that make it easy to provide a quick review here and there. For example, a gentle reminder to a leader that an activity has just taken place. Reach out to say something about it. At the same time, boost your team member morale.

There is a saying that you work for your boss and not your company. If you are the boss and you find a way to make it easier to show empathy for your team and provide regular feedback that is not time-consuming, would you jump on the wagon?

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