The Astonishing Power of EMPATHY

Kindness. Empathy. Compassion. Evidently these are important in a professional setting! Who would have thought having understanding & consideration for your people would foster a healthy work environment? Such a simple notion. Yet so hard to achieve in the true sense of the word.

Employee burnout is real. People feeling isolated even when working in a large team setting is real. In this article by Digiday, research shows “66% of bosses polled said they suffered from burnout over the past year, while 76% felt overwhelmed managing their people”.

These are issues that have always been there. With wellness and health in the headlines these days, compassion and the power of empathy has also come to the spotlight. Finally!

I believe that for a team to function in tune with each other, the whole team would need to have a bird’s eye view of others on their team. So if someone needs something, they have a simple easy option to reach out or send a gentle reminder. This can have huge impact on efficiency. It could be as simple as a reminder to approve a personal day. Or matters that require more attention like “we need to address this client ASAP”. Without adding to the email inbox!

Leading with empathy in a professional setting obviously encompasses more than just one leader or one business group. And there are numerous HR processes that contribute to a positive people engagement environment. With Affabi, we focus on enabling the leader to gauge their team pulse and respond with empathy. As well as enable each team member to do the same.

Such as Affabi’s gentle reminders when a leader has not interacted 1×1 with a team member for a few weeks. Or a popup asking leaders to send out an employee pulse survey after completion of an especially complex project.

Quite obviously, a team member may not feel comfortable filling out a general mood survey if they know their names are attached to it. But if it is anonymous, this type of survey can provide leaders a good gauge of what the team pulse is. If there are red flags, they can respond to it immediately.

Ultimately, working in a team means working together, towards the same goals. We find a common trait among the best leaders and team members is approachability. In other words, affability.

And hence our name – Affabi! Where one of our core values is Empathy.

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