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Discover New Heights in Knowledge Sharing

Enable continuous knowledge & feedback sharing. Reduce wasted time in onboarding and unnecessary meetings.  

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Reduce communications gaps

Increase Collective Intelligence, Build Trust

Enable your people to share knowledge, ideas and mission critical updates. Leverage simple and automated methods to ask for and provide feedback. Know & Give a helping hand when someone needs it. 

Knowledge Sharing

A vast ocean of knowledge exists primarily in the workforce and comes from their experience. Let your people share those in bite-sized pieces.

Feedback Automation

Inspire your people to grow with frequent constructive feedback. Similarly, drive people development and internal mobility through feedback automation.

Status Ribbon

Easily see when someone in your team needs help. Welcome a new member. Run a daily anonymous survey to gauge the general temperament. And so much more!

Team & Org Updates

Use intuitive continuous awareness mechanism to keep everyone updated on personal, team and organizational announcements. Keep distributed teams in sync.

Eliminate Silos, Reduce Communication Gap

When the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing, working towards a common goal is impossible to achieve.
Give your people the tools they need to stay aware of the company mission and keep you ahead of the curve.
Enable simple methods of information exchange so teams can work efficiently together.

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Managers can encourage sharing knowledge by designing work so that people want to share and discuss what they know.

Positive People Engagement – Why it Matters

Engaged employees means more satisfied employees. Employees who are willing to go that extra mile that makes all the difference.

Unlock Performance with Continuous Feedback

A gentle reminder to a leader that an activity has just taken place. Reach out to say something about it. At the same time, boost your team member morale.

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